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Fishing Charters

SilverFox Marine Charters offers both, single day, and multi-day fishing charters operating out of the Harbour Quay Marina in Port Alberni, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC.  Join us on a great sea adventure, as we travel the Barkley Sound area enjoying nature, with fantastic sport fishing opportunities for a variety of species including Salmon, Ling Cod, Red Snapper, Prawns and Crab.

Our multi-day fishing charters, give us the luxury of living aboard the boat, with the advantage of being able to move to different locations to fish where the fish actually are. The experience also offers everyone a chance to live life on the water. 

Enjoy delicious meals after full days of life on the sea, while we explore nature and the great outdoors.

Day Trips

Based out of Deep Bay, day charters are available throughout the year, leaving the dock at 6:00 am and returning at 6:00 pm the same day.

Day Trips include 2 meals during the day.

Group: 6 persons max. 
Trip Length: 12 hours

*Additional $125/person for bookings over 4 people.

Overnight Trips

Annually we do about 10 overnight trips a year, starting at the beginning of May, to the end of September. Our most popular package is our 4 night / 5 day all-inclusive overnight charter.

Overnight Trips include 3 meals during the day including a Continental breakfast, cold luncheon, and fully prepared evening dinner.

Group: 4 persons max.
Trip Length: 3 - 5 days
(depending on package)

*Starting at $399.79/person with a maximum space for up to 4 people.


What To Bring

• 1 large bath towel & hand towel
• Toiletry kit and personal items
• Mosquito Repellant
• Sunscreen
• Prescription Drugs
• Rubber boots
• Camera
• Sunglasses
• Hat
• Changes of clothes (layers work best!) Sweaters, T-shirts, shorts, long pants etc.

Sleeping Quarters: 
For overnight charters, you may wish to bring your own sleeping bag. Sleeping bags with clean liners and pillows are available onboard if you do not have one with you. 

Food & Drinks:
Alcoholic beverages are not provided on our charters, but you are welcome to bring your own:
• Beer (Cans not bottles)
• Wine
• Spirits.

Fishing Licenses:
Licenses are required for fishing and must be purchased online and present with you prior to arrivng to the dock. See below for more information and fees for obtaining your license.

Fishing Licenses

All anglers must have a licence to go fishing. Many fishing locations do not have an Independent Access Provider, making it best to acquire your licence online before you head out.

Always carry your licence with you.

*Licence cost varies based on the age and residency of the fisher, as well as the term of the licence, which may range from one day to one year.

Purchase Your License

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